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Sublimation ink bottle Sublimation bulk ink Sublimation ink cartridge (220ml)
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Bulk ink system for plotter Refillable cartridge Sublimation paper (roll)
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Sublimation paper (A4/A3) Printed Transfer paper Transferred Fabrics

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 We are Korea manufacturer of sublimation ink & sublimation paper for 22 years. We have
 technical skill through long experience. So the quality of our products are very good
 and the price is competitive.
 We are assured that the quality of our products will satisfy you and your customers.
 For continuous checking of our sublimation ink and transfer paper quality, we do
 sublimation printing. We run 10 plotters and 3 heat transfer machine successfully.
 It is the reason why we surely recommend our sublimation ink and sublimation paper.
 As the result of running 10 plotters with our ink, we have no problem of clogging.
 So we can supply best quality products to customers.
 - Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki printers and printers with Epson DX5/6/7/TFP printer head.
 - Ricoh Gen5 printer head printers.
 - Epson desktop printers.
 - Ricoh desktop printers.
 - Vivid and bright, rich color, very deep black.
 - No clog problem,  very high quality.
 - No damage to printer, printer head.
 - Perfect transfer rate.
 - Very fast dry on sublimation paper.
 - Long last performance out door, more than two years.
 - 9 color (BK/C/M/Y/LC/LM/LBK/LLBK/MBK) available.
 - Work very well with all Epson, Muoth, Roland, Mimaki printers and printer with Epson TFP.
    (Epson F6000/7000 series, T7000 series, 9700/7700) and DX7, DX5/4 printer head.
 - Sublimation ink in 1 liter bottle or 1 liter bag, sublimation ink cartridge, sublimation paper,
    bulk ink system, refillable cartridges, chip resetter, damper, cleaning solution available.
 - Available with all sublimation paper.
 - Fabrics, textile sublimation printing.
 - T-shirts, Uniform sublimation printing.
 - Mug, Ceramic sublimation printing.
 - Aluminum plate, metal plate sublimation printing.
 - Banner, Flag, Umbrella, Mouse pad sublimation printing.
 - And other material sublimation printing.
 If you have problems or are disappointed with the low quality of the ink & paper of
 other companies, please try our products.
 Our products will satisfy you and your customers perfectly.
 We supply products to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & Asia.
 Also some China customers purchase sublimation ink and paper from our company.
 China customers know well that there are many cheap ink and paper in China market.
 But China customers who are in the quality products markets, buy our products
 in spite of higher price than China products, because of good quality.


For more information (pricelist, etc) and questions, please contact us.
We welcome your any questions.

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Contact   Mr Jeen Kang / Marketing Director      
  (Mobile phone : 82-10-8881-0670) 
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