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 Our digital door lock is the most economic and simple and convenient.
 You need not hold the key for lock and open the door anymore.
 Your door be locked automatically by our digital door lock when you close the door.
 By click your password on the digital door lock, the door be unlocked automatically.
 It is very convenient.
 Our digital door lock is very easy to install. You need not change your door handle.
 Only by install our digital door locks above your door handle, it works automatically. 
 It be used for steel door, wooden door at apartment, home, office and anywhere.   
 The price of our digital door lock is very competitive.
 It start to be popular worldwide.
 - Master password function.
 - Dual-lock function for safety.
 - Emergency alarm function preparing for breaking and entering. 
 - Information function on period for battery change.
 - Number pad lighting on night (function on backlight).
 - Easy installation in case of changing the residence.
 - Auto door lock function.
 - Solid durable material and structure.
 - Hacking preventing system.
 - Dual designing for preventing fire. 
 - Registering 4-12 digit password.
 - One touch mute function.
 - To lock / unlock the door from inside.
 - Set / Release double locking.
 Type : digital door lock (stand alone)
 Power : 1.5 V "AA" (LR6) battery, 4ea
 Batter life span : Aprox 10-12 months (in case of 30 times to use a day 
    (Battery life span can differ depending on the usage condition or environment)
    Front Ass'y : Aluminum Alloy
    Back Ass'y : Aluminum Alloy & ABS
    10 key button : Acryl
 Finished : Chrome Plating/ Metallic Coating Spray
 Door thicknedd : 40-50 mm (Unavailable for special door as like glass door)
    Front Ass'y : 65 (W) x 130 (H) x 23 (D) mm
    Back Ass'y : 154 (W) x 93 (H) x 37 (D) mm
 Locking / Unlocking function : Auto / Manual mode
For more information (pricelist, etc) and questions, please contact us.
We welcome your any questions.

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